Kristian Grant opened the doors to her first business at 24. With no experience in business, she learned the challenges of being an entrepreneur firsthand. Nine years later Kristian has gone on to manage as well as become a real estate investor. “No matter the industry or idea I have learned that it is not skill or wisdom that creates success- it is instead creating a plan and staying consistent,” says Kristian. In 2016 a Facebook post sparked a conversation with dozens of women all looking for a planner to help them organize their daily schedule while aligning it with their long term goals. “I remember asking women for recommendations of where to buy one and instead they told me to go make it lol.” In 2017 the first edition of Game Plan Lifestyle Planner was released. This is now the 3rd edition and you will find a tool that is sleeker and more to the point. Everything is focused on you clarifying, breaking down, and mastering your goals. Kristian is an entrepreneur, mother, and community leader sitting on the board of several organizations. She created this tool with the woman who wears several hats in mind. “This was built to make life a little easier. We can be more at ease when we know we have a well thought out plan, Our subconscious can relax a bit instead of running at high speed in the background worrying about what is next. Imagine what that does for our mind, body, and souls.”