KRISTIAN GRANT | Goal Planning Expert

Kristian Grant opened the doors to her first business at 24. With no experience in business she learned the challenges of being an entrepreneur firsthand. Six years later Kristian has gone on to start several businesses including current projects Mini Mogul Academy a curriculum for elementary students, and Game Plan Consulting a branding and marketing firm. As the creator and developer of the Game Plan Lifestyle Planner Kristian started this project with the goal of maximizing productivity and streamlining all the things that came together to create her life. This planner was created with the goal oriented, multifaceted individual in mind. Throughout her career Kristian says the biggest lesson she has learned is that you have to build a strong team. "Never be the smartest person in your circle, and always bring others around who have a different set of skills than you." Kristian has applied this thinking to the Game Plan as she crafted a special team of experts to share the tips and tricks of their field. This way you have a year full of insight and guidance for conquering the bigger and better goals you have set. This planner houses goals and plans for everything from fitness, family and wealth to business, events, and everything in between. Kristian hand crafted all of the templates and tools here just for you. Stay connected with our online community as well to receive updates and tips throughout the year!

SAM MICKENS | Fitness Expert

Sam has worked with over 150 women over the past three years. He rejects the title of personal trainer and instead prefers to be called a “Limit Pusher”. You find that one session with Sam pushes you past every fitness limit you thought you had as he works towards his goals of changing the mindset, habits and self perception of the women he works with. Sam gives us a weekly ‘Fit Tip’ and has helped us start our year with a Fitness Planning template.

FRANK GRANT | Financial Planning Expert

Frank has dedicated his life to learning the tools of financial success. He has conquered 15 years of being debt free through all the obstacles of every day life, which for him included over 12k in debt and, at one point, two years of unemployment. In this planner, he has crafted worksheets for us to set financial goals for the year and monthly budget templates to help make sure we achieve our goals. Frank gives us a weekly ‘Wealth Building Tip’ to help keep us motivated and focused on experiencing financial freedom!

KEVIN WALDEN | Style Expert

Kevin has styled stars ranging everywhere from top executives to the Grammy’s red carpet. With a very impressive roster of clients, we enlisted Kev to give us our own fashion tips. For each season, Kev has outlined what staple items will help your wardrobe stand out. We know that when you look good you feel like you can conquer all of your goals!