What is a Game Plan Really?

Over the past two years we have been working really hard to create a tool that helps women to be their best version. I get the question often asking what the Game Plan Lifestyle Planner is all about and it really is that simple. I did not want us to be another item on the shelf that was simply cute but lacked content, the market for those is flooded. I wanted to build a tool that helped you lay it all out and then helps you go get it! I was tired of tools that embrace all of who I am striving to be. I want to be a kickass mom, a bomb business owner, and household finance person while I manage to travel, destroy goals, dress fly and throw an amazing event if I happen to feel like it.

I didn’t want a planner that made me choose. I also did not want to carry around one million books to cover all the different areas. To me a planner should be much more than my daily schedule. Help me plan my year, help me see where I’m falling short, hold me accountable and give me some expert advice where I am lacking. The Game Plan was built with all of that in mind. We will continue evolving based on feedback and the needs of the fabulous women who carry us with her wherever she goes. One thing I learned quickly was that if you don’t have a Game Plan you can’t win, and I never plan to do anything BUT win.

Join Me,


  1. Brandi says:

    Yaasss Kristian! The Game Planner sounds amazing! This is exactly what professional women need to stay on top of our game. As a real estate broker, I can’t afford to have anything fall between the cracks–and with The Game Planner, I don’t have to. Love it!

    • gp_admin says:

      Thank you so much Brandi! I know that you are always on top of your game so I am so happy that you think this a tool that can help you do that! -Kristian

  2. porno says:

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