The Game Plan Planner

Would you like to make the Game Plan a part of your inventory for your customers? Let’s make it happen- and lets make YOU a profit!

Do you have a large group of customers, students or employees that you would like to have custom Game Plan’s for? We have product, packages, and a price point that will work for you!

Wholesale pricing begins at $19.00/planner, retail price is 34.99-44.99 each. Wholesale pricing is for 20 planners or more. Let's Work!
Contact Info: order@gameplanplanner.com

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The Game Plan isn’t your typical planner. Check out the details:

  • The planner starts out with seven tools to help you plan your best year. These tools cover financial goals, travel goals, fitness goals, creating a personal mission, and creating a vision board.
  • Expert Advice we have enlisted the advice of industry experts in finance, style, goal planning and fitness to guide us through the year with tips and tricks.
  • Each month there is a monthly mantra provided, as well as space provided for monthly goals, and adult coloring pages for our inner child.
  • Each quarter you will find a quarterly review to plan for the next quarter ahead and look back at the last quarter to make sure you’re on track for your year. This is paired with a quarterly budget review for business and personal.
  • Find plenty of space in the weekly view to schedule appointments, track bill reminders, to do lists, grocery/meal prep and more.
  • The planner wraps up with five templates to help you plan important things in your life better. This includes templates for holiday planning, birthdays, traveling, projects, and events.
  • Also customers can join us for online engagements we show them how to use each tool in the planner and giveaways throughout the year.

The Game Plan team isn’t your typical wholesaler.

This brand is being built from the ground up, just like yours. Before The Game Plan Lifestyle Planner existed we ran a small boutique ourselves and we learned a LOT. We know how hard it is to build a quality environment and brand while also trying to keep the shelves stocked with quality inventory that your customers want. It is even harder to find inventory that is priced so that you make a profit without charging your customer an arm and a leg. Usually the wholesaler is not concerned with helping you sell, they ship the product to you and that’s the end of the story until you order again. Here we want to build a product that your customer keeps coming back for and that won’t stay on your shelves long.

Here’s How We Do Our Part:

  • We package each planner in your order separately so that being handled doesn’t ruin the merchandise.
  • We include a sample copy so that your customers can check it out without damaging an item that’s for sale.
  • We include a fly and FREE POP (point of purchase) display for you to display the planners in your location.
  • We include a few Game Plan freebies and accessories such as notepads and coffee mugs that you can either sell or use as display.
  • We keep up with your customers who are interested and engage them throughout the year on ways to use their planner
  • You have a dedicated sales person on your account that you can communicate with for any questions or concerns as well as order details.
  • We utilize our social media to promote you as a location for customers to make their Game Plan purchase.
  • We don’t compete with you! We do not undercut your sales prices or give you extra competition in your area, we want to see you sell out every time!